America & China: Present & Future Context

America & China: Present & Future Context

-Dirgha Raj Prasai,
‘When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world’-George Washington
America is a nation born before 1772 with the stealing of emigrants from Britain and all over the world. America became a land where revelers from around the globe went to exploit its invaluable property and resources. America now stands at the head of the most prosperous and powerful nations of the world. America’s superiority has been increasing ever since the end of World War II. America successfully disintegrated the Soviet Union in 1990 after which its business, intervention and impatience as a result of its increasing selfishness has created an instability in its internal structure. American population is around 400 million. Out of this population 10 percent of the Americans are unemployed. Around 10-20 percentage of Americans consists of the upper class who control the nation’s business, economic earnings and governance. In this class 10 percent makes up the prosperous heads that gives out orders. The remainder, 80 percentages, of the Americans lives normal life. Majority of Americans are literate. Many Americans are friendly, and adopt the individual freedom. Almost all of them are focused towards a common goal of collecting capital and leading a luxurious life. There is one specialty among the Americans, and that is their tendency of giving tax to the government, regardless of how corrupt one may be.

Each American started taking arms with the continued influx of emigrants. The superiority of arms makes a society authoritarian. A salient feature of American identity is its war-loving attitude. America is externally a democratic nation but in its inner core it is an authoritarian and mafia-like nation. Communists are authoritarian both externally and internally. Following the disintegration in 1990 of Soviet Russia, the then Russian President Gorbachyov with an American order transformed Russia from ‘Perestroika’ (restructuring democratization’s policy), to a capitalist nation. Russia is being governed by many mafias. In Russia those who are against mafias are not secured.

If a nation could not timely be controlled by the political ethics, it cannot conserve the interests of the citizens. The nations run under political model of capitalism have rich and poor. It is a good indicator for the free society. On the basis of this way, America has achieved the peak horizon of capitalism. It is highly likely that America will move towards a different situation than what does exist. America has become a home for emigrants from round the world. America is known as – ‘Human Zoo’ of the world. Around 90 percent of the Red Indians, the indigenous tribes have been displaced by the emigrants. In the context of life style of America, Nicholas Murray Butter said-‘America is the best half educated country in the world.’
Before 1772 America was a British colony. Modern American history had started after the Boston Tea war in 1774. The Americans people had liberated itself after a rising against the British colonization. George Washington is the first President of United States of America (USA). Even before 1772, America had become a nation born of the emigrant society comprising of people of many European nations and black slaves from Africa. In this way America gained its multi-cultural identity.

The Americans gained a notorious identity of taking the support of arms to secure themselves of the people from many different nations arriving there. Arms became a base of security for both emigrants, whom threatened the indigenous people, and the indigenous tribes that had habituated this vast land for thousands of years. After liberation it was stipulated in the American constitution -‘Every Americans will have the right to keep guns for self protection.’ So there is not a single person without arms. In many places there are factories for making small and large arms. There is no need of governmental permission for keeping arms and creating them. So we hear news of many murderous incidents in many places in America.

Americans are friendly and participatory. It is their appreciable quality. America is a nation of free sex and free arms. When sex is free and it is equally free to keep and use arms then it becomes insecure and uncontrollable. It has already been public that when American President Bill Clinton talked over the phone with a foreign head of state he had engaged touching the sexual secret organs of his female employees. How shameful is such activities? A nation privileging sex and arms is in itself anarchist. Its spiritualism would have already drained. America is also such a country where those not consenting to sex have become victims of rape and murder. It has become such a nation where an emigrant woman seeks the shelter of another man for security. Japan stands next to America in being another sexual nation. There is no guarantee of security in Japan as well. Japan is the nation that after World War II was responsible for the future of thousands of Chinese women who became sex slaves.

Although many nations of the world including China keep sex behind curtains mutual desire is kept within the moral boundaries. Hindu women are followers of the moral characteristic norms. Muslim women are compelled to remain behind curtains. It is prohibited for an outsider to look the face and body parts of Muslim woman. However this is orthodoxy.

Former American President Kennedy has said- ‘There will be influence of burial ground in new American generation.’ Perhaps that assumption will start from America. Christian religion, its donations and its fallacious superiority will be a cause of downfall. The American regime has made human rights a path of terrorizing another nation. Americans have everything, but their rulers lack belief, stance and morality. They betray on those who support American regime. The Muslim leaders- Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein including many others had once been America’s trusted persons. Saddam Hussein was hanged and a bounty has been fixed on the head of Bin Laden for not obeying American orders. Similarly, America had supported- ‘Nepal as a zone of peace’ at 1977, but it had canceled in the hint of India. Because, India especially- Congress (I) government wants to desintrigate Nepal. But, we have cordial relation between the people level. America is one of the friendly democratic countries of Nepal. From the very beginning, it had supported the monarchial democracy, but since 2006, it deceived Nepal as a republic country which functions anarchist-communism in Nepal.

America spends billions in arms to terrorize the world, and to remind the world that America is the superpower. The weapons factories are developing rapidly which resembles a Nepali saying-‘Sin cries from within.’ No matter how much clever the Americans consider themselves, the American politics is bogged down by the activities of ghost and devil. An Indian Scholar Arundhati Roy has written in a book-‘The algebra Infinite Justice.-‘Nothing can excuse or justify an act of terrorism, whether it is committed by religious fundamentalists, private militia, people’s resistance movements- or whether it’s dressed up as a war of retribution by a recognized government. The bombing of Afghanistan is not revenge for New York and Washington. It is yet another act of terror against the people of the world. Former American President George Bush used to say-‘ we are peaceful nation. President Bush’s ultimatum to the people of the world-‘Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists’ is peace presumptions arrogance. ‘Is it not the sign of anarchism? America is losing the norms of democratic sense.

It must have been during the term of President Clinton that a senator presented a bill at the House of Representatives to bring American arms factories under law, to require permission for manufacturing arms. The bill also called for individuals to acquire license before keeping arms. The day after the bill was passed that senator was shot dead. The American President could not do anything than expressed grief and only condolence for the murdered senator. The murderer was not found. The ordinance faded away. Arms factories are the earning way of Americans currency. If they are forced to work under legal restrictions their business would decline. So America is in an ambush itself.

Many American industries have remained closed since the last decade. Chinese materials have gained inexorable access to American markets. There is difference between the way of thinking between a capitalist nation and a socialist nation. The capitalists like to live luxuriously, socialists are hard working. A material produced in a capitalist nation may cost $ 50 while the same material produced in socialist nations as China, Vietnam and Malaysia cost $ 10. No one will, knowingly like to spend more money for expensive items. Anyone will be inclined to buy in cheapest terms with best quality. American products are loosing markets. This indicates the America’s economic future. It is usual for the American industries to close down in such circumstances. American industrialists are greedy. In contrast their counterparts in China, Vietnam and Malaysia are friendlier. China has already influenced 80 percent of American market. So America is rapidly loosing its ‘Superiority’.

The commodities of daily use and engineering products produced by China are cheaper. The cheaper products will automatically be sold. The more they are sold and the production will be high. Then, large numbers of factories starts to manufacture it will require more workers. How can capitalist nations compete with such industries? It is the failure to balance the management between production and distribution that has led to such a situation. If this persists, tomorrow the American people will be compelled to seek the path to Communism and transform America into a Communist nation.

The materials produced by capitalist nations look good and strong. It is a different story. The industries cannot be run in loss when their good productions are not sold. This factor indicates that majority of industries in America are closed.

China is not like before. China is run through communism and is a communist nation. But, in attitude China is more inclined to capitalist ventures. All Chinese energy is concentrated on increasing its products to sell to the global market, and make Chinese citizens self-dependent. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said- ‘Poverty is not socialism, to be rich is glorious.’

The behavior of capitalist nations is extremely conservative and discriminatory. For example Germany does not give financial support to Nepal. Before 2000 Nepal used to receive such support from Germany. Now Germany does not see any benefit from Nepal. In past Germany had a selfish motive that Nepal would lend its support to it for the UN-Security Council. Current situation is different. Now Germany has focused on the Scandinavians nations that were separated from Soviet Russia. Germany invests, gives support there, and retains its capitalist existence.

America, Germany and many European nations believe themselves to be the leaders of capitalist democracy. These nations in order to retain their superiority in the world have tried to base their policy on Christian religion and adopt a path of terrorism. Millions are invested to change people into Christians in a pure Hindu nation like Nepal. Naturally and culturally prosperous- Nepal’s identity is being attacked with the attraction of money. Such a great democratic nation like America is also participating in this conspiratorial work. Such big democracies are trying to destroy the pride and identities of a holy land like Nepal. CIA has also been exposed to a defamed agency. They have moved against royal institution and Hindu Kingdom which is tantamount to cutting off of American address. It is not in the interest of America to hurt Nepali people. It is for us to see whether America controls itself and treads a new path or opens itself to path to communism.
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