No consensus among the traitors in Nepal

No consensus among the traitors in Nepal

By Dirgha Raj Prasai,
Madhav Kumar Nepal had shunned the Hindu ritual of carrying out the funeral rites (Kriya) of his mother to become the Prime Minister. He had sent a plea-letter to the king to become the PM. Not being able to become a PM, Girija was also distraught. Also in a dismal condition was Madhav, not getting the PM’s post from the monarch, so he took the support of the Indian intelligence. Then he resorted to agitation along with the Maoists under the leadership of Girija Prasad. With the support of the Indian strength, Madhav Nepal committed himself against the royal institution. He became a puppet of the foreign forces by advocating anti-nationalist agendas as secularism, republic and federalism. After the fall of the Maoist led government Madhav Nepal became the Prime Minister with the backing of India. Madhav Nepal could not even kill a bee. The inflation, shortages, corruption, murder, terror, insecurity and anarchy were institutionalized. This is the way such a naïve and incapable person goes down. He did not care only to become PM and inscribe his defamed name in history. But Madhav Nepal escaped from becoming the history’s most defamed and disgraced PM. The next PM will surpass Madhav Nepal in terms of failure and rise above Lendup (the great traitor of Sikkim)

The mouths of Jhalanath, Ram Chandra Poudel, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Bijaya Gachedar and anther disgraced and corrupt person Sujata are making the rounds to succeed Madhav. They are all a disgraced lot. So Sher Bahadur is the most unsuccessful, deceitful and corrupt in the Nepalese politics. The cuckold Deuba, who grew up with American interest and married Arju at the initiation of the then American ambassador Julia Chang, had recommended the monarch to abolish the parliament despite having majority only due to his anger towards Girija. He is one of those responsible for burning the Nepali Congress founding leader BP’s ideology. How shameful that such vision-less people want to become the PM.

I had spoken on telephone with Deuba for 20 minutes on the night on 17 May, 2006 and told him, ‘Sher Bahadur ji! Do not make a parliamentary declaration. It will be the cause of your downfall. This is the work of the Indian intelligence. Maoist agendas are round table conference, interim government and Constituent Assembly only. We shall determine what ought to be done by comprehending the outcome of the round table conference. Sher Bahadur, who used to advocate support for the monarchy said, “this king has betrayed me, I will not let it go.’ I said, ‘You suffered in the regime, I suffered without going to the regime through the monarch’s men and advisers. Let us not harbor any passion of revenge towards the king; we should also remember our mistakes. But he did not listen.

As Madhav Nepal was the son in law of my ancestral priest, we were in good terms. I had suggested to him for half an hour on 17 May. But, the Indian poison had already influenced him. Today they are all heading towards that ditch.

Jhalanath Khanal was also heated up to become the PM. But he is taken as corrupt. He had been drunk, being a vehement royalist, at the Birendra International Conference Center on the occasion of the golden birthday of King Birendra. Then he used to advocate for nationality and strictly opposed the Maoist. He is capable of selling the nation for his self-interest. What can you expect from a person, who attempted to destroy the government of Madhav Nepal, a leader of his own party? During the Pancha era, he was a teacher in Baglung. And in Kathmandu when he lived in a rented room, he courted the daughter of the house owner and married her and the lizard-like attitude of his during the royal regime remains in his life story. Nepal remains under the shadows of such traitors.

Ram Chandra Poudel ran away to the districts fearing that the money gained in selling spices at Ason-Kathmandu would be robbed by Congressmen. This miser once had been against the Constituent Assembly (CA), but later-after taking in lots of money-advocated CA and adopted secularism and republic. He has bought two-four buildings and become the boss of a Pajero. He, who is now trapped in the sewer line of India, is not considered to be above Lendup. Ram Chandra has been saying that the Maoist headquarters is at Nirmal Niwas (King Gyanendra’s resistance) and made allegations that the Maoist was run by the king. He is one of those traitors responsible for ambushing the nation.

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is more sincere as compared to others, but a controversial intellectual who does not have knowledge over Nepal’s history and identity. It is said that Indian intelligence organization is looking to make him the PM and bring Nepal under Indian umbrella. Maoist leader Prachanda has spoken repeatedly that India has been creating pressure for making Baburam the PM. Although he is not a corrupt, he is the most capable person that could drown the dignity of Nepal. He is the creator of the concept of secularism, republic and federalism based on ethnicity. Indian newspaper Pioneer has written, “Baburam Bhattarai and his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his religious affiliations but his wife’s entire family is Christian. – Thu, 06 Sep 2007- If we search the Google ‘Baburam Bhattarai RAW’, hundreds of edition of his real identity could be read. What will be the situation of Nepal when Baburam becomes the PM? There is no possibility of anyone from the Maoist becoming a PM until the return of the Maoist seized property and without a solution of the Maoist army and its weapons.

Likewise, Girija’s daughter Sujata Koirala is also bending her mouth to eat the PM’s position. Nepalese mothers have said that such an errant daughter, who backed her father to become a foreign broker, disgraced person, traitor and a corrupt, should not have taken birth in the Earth. She married a German Christian and gave her daughter off to a Muslim. She gave them all the contracts and gave them high positions against the interest of the nation. People become agitate seeing their faces. MadhavNepal, burned alive, after his decision of handing over such a person, who is messenger of the Indian ambassador and a shameless one, the positions of Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. How much money had she drained by opening Susma Trust in name of her mother? Such corrupts are dreaming of becoming the PM of the nation. Indian is also trailing Sujata. How unfortunate?

Another candidate of PM Bijaya Gachedar and Kul Bahadur Gurung also are running individually. Girija, Sher Bahadur, Ram Chandra, Bamdev, Bijaya Gachedar are among those corrupts after 1991 and those that smell like Jyaparakash Gupta, Govinda Raj Joshi and Khum Bahadur. However, Bijaya Gachedar is better than the rest of these individuals at Tarain. He could be a person to become the candidate of PM. But he will not be able to entangle from the lack of competence and the slap of the Maoist. Regardless of who becomes the PM, it will not be able to free himself despite becoming an Indian stooge.

Nepal will not be safe from the traitor. They do not let a word escape fearing that India will be angered, although the nation has almost drowned due to Indian intervention. They do not speak a word when Christians move from villages to villages violating Hinduism. Those wanting to sell the nation are taking the support of RAW and CIA. They continue to remain in power to pillage state treasury. They will be subjected to the retribution that the Nepalese will unleash on the mad dogs. ‘Albeit murder utters the name of the killed, innocent is captured if this is the perpetrator.’ Let it be noted that the agreement they reached with the king on 24 April 2006 has failed. They are trying to hide this and savor more. They will fall into a noose themselves. Now the democratic regime has failed. The alternative is to return to 1990 Constitution-a democracy with the king. The king needs to form an inclusive cabinet under the leadership of either the Maoist chairman Prachanda (being a controversial leader) or former chief justice and find a solution on that backing.
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