Bhattarai is Known as a Great Traitor

Bhattarai is Known as a Great Traitor

-Dirgha Raj Prasai
Even the Maoists are not able to grasp the source that manipulates Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Maoists’ leader Prachanda fell into the web knotted by Baburam Bhattarai. The leaders of Nepali Congress and UML were caught in the spell of Baburam’s mellifluous promises. After becoming Prime Minister Baburam went on a visited to the U.S. During this period he was gifted a Bible by a catholic teacher of Gorkha (Nepal) Luitel School. This awoke the nationalists in the Maoist party, and NC and UML leaders. Many Nepalese came to grasp the meaning that the multi-faceted Baburam Bhattarai not only works for Indian intelligence agency but the Christian nations of Europe. And then, Baburam Bhattarai is known as a great traitor in south Asia.

The 12-point understanding reached under the aegis of Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ had remained silent on the issue of ethnic federalism. But Baburam Bhattarai was determined to end the era of Hinduism and Buddhism in the nation by creating a cleft in the ethnic unity of Nepal. On 18 May 2006 Baburam pressed House Speaker the traitor- Subash Nemwang to proclaim the nation a secular state. He threatened the poor leaders of NC and UML that if the institution of monarchy was not abolished before the election for Constituent Assembly (CA) the Maoists would again return to people’s war. He coerced others to adopt Maoists’ line of thinking and the king was deposed unconstitutionally. The sad part was that Baburam Bhattarai entrapped the leaders of parliamentary parties to please foreigners.

When his post of premiership was in crisis he summoned UML’s Aangkaji Sherpa, Ashok Rai and indigenous leaders from NC and other parties for a meeting that called for formation of Ethnic Federal Forum on 3 July 2012. His attempt to push the nation into an ethnic confrontation shows the degree of his treachery. I was not that suspicious of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai at the beginning. After the end of people’s uprising in 2006 he showed no tolerance towards the vestiges of the existence of the creator of this nation, Prithvi Narayan Shah. He pressured the PM late Girija Prasad to abolish the provision of celebrating national unity day.

The statues of the late kings were vandalized. I was saddened by his attitude. Seeing the persistent efforts of a person born in Gorkha to destroy the vestiges of the existence of the creator of the nation I wrote an article on 10 August, 2009, ‘Let’s Raise Sword Against Traitors’ published in a weekly. I had written -‘There is a numerous presence of the supporters of Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ in Nepal. ‘RAW’ wants to drown Nepal as it had done to Sikkim by using Lendup Dorji. Here in Nepal, it wants to make use of Baburam Bhattarai. If Baburam Bhattarai becomes Nepal’s PM India will use him to capture Nepal.’ After the publication of this article Dr. Baburam Bhattarai charged a lawsuit against me at the Kathmandu District Court on 9 September, 2009. On 3rd May this year the court issued a notice that the claim of the plaintiff was insufficient; so Baburam lost. This gives further proof as to the suspicious nature of Baburam Bhattarai.

As a doctor throws an infant into boiled water, Baburam Bhattarai wants to throw Nepal into a drain. The foreign powers conspired to haul a person that vandalized the statues of late memorial kings; that pressed for annulling the national unity day, to the post of Nepal’s PM. Next day following the treacherous four-point pact reached under the Indian agency’s backing on 28 August, 2011 Baburam became the PM. It is now clear to everyone that he had started breaking our beliefs and norms since that day.

A communist leader Mohan Bikram Singh, who inspired Baburam be communist, wrote an article on 27 February, 2012 opposing ethic federalism- ‘The Madhesi parties initially proposed the view of federal states with right to self-determination in Nepal. Such type of scheme will create a situation of national disintegration in Nepal. It is Indian grand design to absorb the states under the federal system into its territory. Many Indian nationals have become Nepalese citizens and their influence is increasing in our national politics. Ramraja Prasad had publicly stated that he was approached by them requesting him to become President of a Madhesi state. Their effort is directed to make as many Indians as possible the citizens of Nepal and turn Nepal into another Fiji’. The fact is that all Christians talk of ethnic federalism in Nepal.

Indian Communist Party ML’s general secretary, KNA Ramchandran on 9 April, 2012 wrote in a daily newspaper – ‘The Indian government’s expansionist policy is attached with the American imperialism. The Indian government has adopted an expansionist policy towards Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal. We should not embrace ethnicity but destroy it. Communists’ must eradicate ethnic problems. Ethnicity is an inhumane system. Communists’ must side with decentralization. In Nepal there are efforts at creating states on ethnic lines, and rumors of a Madhesi state – it is not a communist way.’

However, Baburam Bhattarai, in name of Maoists, has made ethic federalism a main agenda, which will destroy Nepal’s existence. It may be nothing more than trying to turn Nepal into a Christian state. The majority of the Nepalese people demand that the state must take control of such individuals to subject them to prosecution for treason. Recently, after the dissolution of the CA, Baburam Bhattarai, in capacity of PM, visited Brazil. He did not listen to anyone. In Brazil he tried to woo the Indian PM and the head of governments of European nations and UN general secretary Ban Ki Moon in his favor. But the Chinese premier, suspicious of Bhattarai, did not grant him a meeting. What can be more frustrating to Nepalese diplomacy than a denial by a neighboring nation’s PM to meet its PM? China has started openly speaking against ethnic federalism in Nepal. Now China has kept the name of the Maoist leaders-Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai in black list.

It must not be forgotten that after the 2006 uprising concluded with an agreement reached with the monarch the issue of ethnic federalism, which the nation cannot withstand, had not been raised. Baburam was the person who advocated ethnic federalism. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is now naked in front of the people for he invited anarchy in calling for ethnic confrontation that could disintegrate the nation. When Baburam was the PM the CA got dissolved and the prospect of new constitution precluded. He is conspiring in multitude ways to retain his position as PM for eternity by threatening all others and pushing the nation into trap of ethnic warfare. PM Bhattarai wants to turn Nepal into a battlefield of foreigners. If action is not taken against such a traitor foreigners will instigate a bloodbath in Nepal.

It must be noted that the facts pertaining to distribution of financial assistance worth billions by Indian intelligence agency and European nations to party leaders, ethnic organizations, human rights, civil society, non governmental organizations for promotion of ethnic federalism has been revealed at the national bank, through various newspapers including Rajdhani, Gorkhapatra and Annapurna Post. If we fail to act in time to chase the foreigners and their brokers we will have to shed rivers of tears in becoming refugees in our own land. May such a day never come in this holy land!

Were there any ethnic states before the unification campaign launched by Prithvinarayan Shah? Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur were ruled by Thakuri Malla kings. There were Senbanshi, Gorkha, Baisi and Chaubisi states. Where was a Newari state – Kirat, Tharu, Tamang, Gurung and Magar states? How did Nepal incur such a divisional disease? May all the political parties now understand that how unfortunate a foreign-manufactured ethnic federal system would prove to be in a sensitive nation like Nepal!

With the death of CA the nation will only find an alternative path on the foundation of the 1990 constitution with monarchy. In the context of Nepal, without monarchical democratic system, this country can’t move. This garden of four castes and 36 classes should not be divided. It is imperative on the state to adopt a policy to allow opportunity for all castes and creeds to bloom. Nepal can be transformed into a prosperous nation with a decentralized state mechanism to free the backward areas and the people of multitude castes living in every corner of the nation from prejudice and suppression. No one possesses the right to bargain on Nepalese people’s unity. ‘We are the sons of the same nation – who is far and who is close’ we must meditate on this and retain the tolerance and unity between us.
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